Pulse | Limited Edition (Jonathan Cape, 2011)

Notes on this edition: Pulse. London: Jonathan Cape, 2011. Pp. 228.

Bound in illustrated boards with a decorative slip case, this limited edition was signed by the author in an edition of 500 copies. Shown here are both an unopened copy and a copy inscribed by the author “out of series” [Note: The name of the dedicatee has been removed from the image.]

Unbefugtes Betreten | Pulse (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2012; German)

Notes on this edition: Unbefugtes Betreten | Pulse. Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2012. Pp. 291. 21 cm. Translated by Gertraude Krueger and Thomas Bodmer. ISBN: 9783462044805. (German).

脉搏 | Pulse (译林出版社 | Yilin Press, 2015; Chinese)

Notes on this edition: 脉搏 | Pulse. Nanjing: 译林出版社 | Yilin Press, 2015. Pp. 274. 21 cm. Translated by  郭国良. ISBN: 9787544742566. (Chinese).

Pulse (Vintage Books, 2011)

Notes on this edition: Pulse. London: Vintage Books, 2011. Pp. 240. ISBN: 9780099552475.

Stories included: East wind | At Phil & Joanna’s 1: 60/40 | Sleeping with John Updike | At Phil & Joanna’s 2: marmalade | Gardeners’ world | At Phil & Joanna’s 3: look, no hands | Trespass | At Phil & Joanna’s 4: one in five | Marriage lines | The Limner | Complicity | Harmony | Carcassonne | Pulse

Polsslag | Pulse (Uitgeverij Atlas, 2011; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Polsslag | Pulse. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Atlas, 2011. Pp. 252. 21 cm. Translated by Ronald Vlek. ISBN: 9789045018607. (Dutch).

Visit the Atlas website: http://www.atlascontact.nl/auteur/julian-barnes/

Pulse | Final Uncorrected Proof (Jonathan Cape, 2010)

Notes on this edition: 

Pulse. Jonathan Cape, 2010. Final Uncorrected Proof with lengthy inscription by Julian Barnes stating: “the first proof run to be bound up was suppressed because of authorial complaint at the myriad errors. A very few of the final (or near-final) corrected proofs were later bound up, of which this is one”.

Note: The inscription has been edited to remove part of the personalized dedication.

Pulse | Uncorrected Proof (Jonathan Cape, 2010)

Notes on this edition: Pulse | Uncorrected Proof. London: Jonathan Cape, 2010.

When Jonathan Cape produced the uncorrected proof of Pulse, the text included enough errors that Julian Barnes asked the publisher to “pulp” or destroy the proof edition. Cape produced a subsequent, corrected and unbound proof for use within the publishing house and by the author while making his final revisions to the text. The author and publisher spared the specimen featured here specifically for inclusion in the Julian Barnes bibliography.

Pulse | Uncorrected Proof (Alfred A. Knopf, 2011)

Notes on this edition: Pulse. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2011. Uncorrected Proof in red paper wrappers with provisional publication data printed to the front cover.

Puls | Pulse (Geopoetika, 2011; Serbian)

Notes on this edition: Puls | Pulse. Belgrade: Geopoetika, 2011. Pp. 237. 21 cm. Translated by Nina Ivanović Muždeka. ISBN: 9788661450686. (Serbian).

Pulso | Pulse (Anagrama, 2012; Spanish | 3rd edition)

Notes on this edition: Pulso | Pulse. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2012. Pp. 259. 22 cm. ISBN: 9788433975799. Translated by Mauricia Bach. (Spanish).

Paper covers with French flaps. The first Anagram edition was published in 2011, whereas Anagrama published the 2nd and 3rd editions in January 2012. The example featured in this post is the 3rd edition, as indicated on the copyright page and the dark blue promotional band wrapped around the covers. Author photography by Lisbeth Salas.