Trioloog | Talking It Over (Uitgeverij Atlas, 1992; Dutch)

Notes about this edition: Trioloog | Talking It Over Amsterdam / Antwerpen: Uitgeverij Atlas, 1992. Pp. 208. 21 cm. Translated by Bartho Kriek. ISBN: 9025400140. (Dutch).

De citroentafel | The Lemon Table (Atlas, 2005; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: De citroentafel | The Lemon Table. Amsterdam: Atlas, 2005. Pp. 221. 21 cm. Translated by Jelle Noorman. ISBN: 9045014114. (Dutch).

Engeland, Engeland (Atlas, 1999; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Engeland, Engeland. Amsterdam: Atlas, 1999. Pp. 301. 21 cm. Translated by: Marijke Versluys. ISBN: 9045003457. (Dutch).

Uit het raam: essays | Through the Window (Atlas Contact, 2012; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Uit het raam: essays | Through the Window: Seventeen Essays (and one short story). Amsterdam: Atlas Contact, 2012. Pp. 288. 21 cm. ISBN: 9789045019314. (Dutch).

Atlas Contact published the Dutch edition of Through the Window approximately two months prior to the first British edition, making the Dutch edition the first printed appearance of the collection.

In the pictured specimen, the title page has been altered to remove a lengthy, personal inscription.

Arthur & George (Atlas, 2006; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Amsterdam/Antwerpen: Uitgeverij Atlas, 2006. Pp. 479. 23 cm. Translated by Frans van der Wiel. ISBN: 9789045012049

Before She Met Me (Wolters-Noordhoff, 1997)

Notes on this edition: Before She Met Me. Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff, 1997. Pp. 160. 20 cm. ISBN: 9001549888.

Wolters-Noordhoff is a publisher from the Netherlands, but this is not a translation. Rather, the novel was published for English language readers in the Netherlands and features English text throughout.

Also includes two essays at the end of the novel written by Ton Heuvelmans: “About the Author and His Work” (pp. 156-158) and “About the Book” (pp. 158-160).

Metroland (Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspers, 1992; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Metroland. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspers, 1992. Pp. 199. 20 cm. Translated by Else Hoog. ISBN: 90 295 0148 0 (Dutch).

Liefde, enz. | Love, etc. (Uitgeverij Atlas, 2001; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Liefde, enz. Amsterdam/Antwerpen: Uitgeverij Atlas, 2001. Pp. 222 [1]. Translated by Marijke Versluys. (Dutch).