Tekmeyi Yapıştırmak | Putting the Boot In (Ayrinti, 2001; Turkish)

Notes on this edition: Tekmeyi Yapıştırmak | Putting the Boot In. Istanbul: Ayrıntı Yayinlari, 2001. Translated by Serdar Rifat Kırkoğlu. ISBN: 9789755393254. (Turkish).

Fiddle City (Pantheon Books, 1986)

Notes on this edition: First American edition New York: Pantheon Books, 1986. Pp. 173. 18 cm. ISBN: 0394744411. $3.95.

Julian Barnes’s second novel written under the pseudonym of “Dan Kavanagh” was never published in hardback in the U.S., thus making the Pantheon Books edition the first American edition.

Descriptive Bibliography:

Title Page: FIDDLE CITY | [decorative line] | Dan Kavanagh | [Pantheon device] | PANTHEON BOOKS | NEW YORK

Copyright Page: Copyright © 1981 by Dan Kavanagh. | All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright | Conventions. Published in the United States by Pantheon Books, a divi- | sion of Random House, Inc., New York. Hardcover edition originally | published in Great Britain by Jonathan Cape Ltd., London, in 1981. | Manufactured in the United States of America | First Pantheon Paperback Edition

Collation: 17.5 x 10.5 cm. Pp. [1-6] 7-173 [174-176]. [1]: ‘FIDDLE CITY’. [2]: ‘BY THE SAME AUTHOR | Duffy’. [3]: title page. [4]: copyright page. [5]: ‘To Craig and Li’. [6]: blank. 7-173: text. [174]: ‘Dan Kavanagh was born in County Sligo in 1946. | After an uncompromising adolescence, at nineteen | he became assistant entertainments officer on a Jap- | anese supertanker and traveled the world. He has | been a pianist in a waterfront bar in Macao, a bag- | gage handler at San Francisco Airport, and has | flown light planes on the Colombian cocaine route. | He is currently working in London at jobs he de- | clines to specify, and lives in North Islington. He is | also the author of Duffy.’. [175-176]: advertisements.

General description: Binding 17.5 x 10.5 cm. Paperbound in white.  Lettered in light blue (title) and white (author), with cover design by Louise Fili. 

Putting the Boot In (Penguin Books, 1987)

Notes on this edition: Putting the Boot In. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1987. Pp. 192. 18 cm. ISBN: 0140092048.

Cover illustration by Keith Richens.

Vol à tous les étages | Fiddle City (Actes Sud, 1993; French)

Notes on this edition: Vol à tous les étages | Fiddle City. Arles: Actes Sud, 1993. Pp. 290. 19 cm. Translated by Philippe Loubat-Delranc. ISBN: 274270048x. (French).

French translation of Dan Kavanagh’s second crime novel Fiddle City. Bottom front cover states “Collection Polar Sud”.

Dan Kavanagh | First Appearance In Print (New Statesman, 25 May 1979)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes wrote four crime novels using the pseudonym “Dan Kavanagh”, but the first time he used the name in print was to sign a letter to the editor in the 25 May 1979 issue of The New Statesman (p. 753). This copy is signed by Barnes, “Dan Kavanagh’s first appearance in print! DK/JB”.

Vor die Hunde gehen | Going to the Dogs (Haffmans Verlag, 1989; German)

Notes on this edition: Vor die Hunde gehen | Going to the Dogs. Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1989. Pp. 268 [1]. 19 cm. Translated by Willi Winkler. ISBN: 3251010360 (German)

Arrêt de jeu | Putting the Boot In (Actes Sud / Policiers, 1991; French)

Notes on this edition: Arrêt de jeu. Arles: Actes Sud, 1991. Pp. 225. 18 cm. Translated by Richard Matas. (French)

Two editions of the French translation of Dan Kavanagh’s Putting the Boot In were published by Actes Sud in 1991. The other edition is taller, has different cover art, and is labeled “Collection Polar Sud” to the front cover.

Grobes Foul | Putting the Boot In (Ullstein Krimi, 1987; German)

Notes on this edition: Grobes Foul | Putting the Boot In. Frankfurt: Ullstein Krimi, 1987. Pp. 156 [1]. 18 cm. Translated by Verena Schröder. ISBN: 3-548-10483-5 (German).

Abblocken | Putting the Boot In (Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1989; German)

Notes on this edition: Abblocken | Putting the Boot In. München: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1989. Pp. 233. 18 cm. Translated by Verena Schröder. ISBN: 3453072995 (German)

The Duffy Omnibus (Penguin, 1991)

Notes on this edition: The Duffy Omnibus. London: Penguin, 1991. Pp. 740. ISBN: 9780140158243

Includes all four Dan Kavanagh novels: DuffyFiddle CityPutting the Boot InGoing to the Dogs.