Schieber-City | Fiddle City (Haffmans Verlag, 1993; German)

Notes on this edition: Schieber-City | Fiddle City. Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1993. Pp. 213. 19 cm. Translated by Michel Bodmer. ISBN: 3251300016. (German).

Il rumore del tempo | The Noise of Time (Einaudi, 2016; Italian)

Notes on this edition: Il rumore del tempo | The Noise of Time. Turin: Einaudi, 2016. Pp. 191. 23 cm. Translated by Susanna Basso. ISBN: 9788806230876. (Italian).

Visit Einaudi’s author page for Julian Barnes here:

התוכי של פלובר | Flaubert’s Parrot (Zmora-Bitan, 2005; Hebrew)

Notes on this edition: התוכי של פלובר | Flaubert’s Parrot. Tel Aviv: Zmora-Bitan, 2005. Pp. 240. 21 cm. Translated by מאיר ויזלטיר. (Hebrew).

Arthur & George (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2017; German)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George.  Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2017. Pp. 599. Translated by Gertraude Krueger. ISBN: 9783462050301. (German).

Paperback edition labelled as “KiWi 1539” on preliminary page and to the top of the spine.

Trioloog ; Liefde, enz. | Talking It Over ; Love, etc. | Dual Edition (Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, 2016; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Trioloog ; Liefde, enz. | Talking It Over ; Love, etc. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, 2016. Trioloog translated by Bartho Kriek; Liefde, enz. translated by Marijke Versluys. Pp. 283; Pp. 249. 22 cm. ISBN: 9789025448752. (Dutch).

Special dual edition of Trioloog and Liefde, enz. The book flips upside down to read the other text, as shown in the cover image photo. A single, blank page separates the two texts.

Visit the Atlas website:

Šum Času | The Noise of Time (Artforum, 2016; Slovak)

Notes on this edition: Šum Času | The Noise of Time.  Artforum, 2016. Pp. 164. Translated by Ján Litvák. ISBN: 9788081501531. (Slovak).

Hardbound in plain, uncovered boards with paper to spine. Title and text printed in black ink. Designed with decorative end pages featuring brown and orange/red imagery. On the front end pages, the image suggests a packed suitcase and, on the back end pages, the number 2,000,000,000 at the top, a reference to a quote by Shostakovich used in the novel. Design and layout by Palo Bálik.

El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time (Editorial Anagrama, 2016; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2016. Pp. 199. 22 cm. Translated by Jaime Zulaika. ISBN: 9788433979551. (Spanish).

The example featured above is the second printing of the Spanish translation of Julian Barnes’s novel The Noise of Time. It features a red wrap-around promotional band that also states the copy is a second edition.

The examples below are for second and third printings of the same edition. In addition to the copyright page, the promotional band also states the edition.

Buka Vremena | The Noise of Time (Opus Gradna, 2017; Croatian)

Notes on this edition: Buka Vremena | The Noise of Time. Zagreb: Opus Gradna, 2017. Pp. 176. Translated by Bartol Fuchs. ISBN: 9789538124037. (Croatian).

Arthur & George (Compactos Anagrama, 2017; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Barcelona: Compactos Anagrama, 2017. Translated by Jaime Zulaika. ISBN: 9788433973245. (Spanish).

The second printing of Editorial Anagrama’s “Compactos” edition was published in April 2017. The first printing was in June 2008.

Niveles de vida | Levels of Life (Compactos Anagrama, 2017; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Niveles de vida | Levels of Life. Barcelona: Compactos Anagrama, 2017. 21 cm. Translated by Jaime Zulaika. ISBN: 9788433960023. (Spanish).

This example is the first Compact edition of Levels of Life, published in June 2017.