Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel (ASA Editores, 1999; Portuguese – Portugal)

Notes on this edition: Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel. Porto: ASA Editores, 1999. Pp. 156 [1]. Translated by Luísa Feijó and Maria João Delgado. ISBN: 9724120155. (Portuguese – Portugal).

Outre-Manche | Cross Channel (Denoël, 1998; French)

Notes on this edition: Outre-Manche | Cross Channel. Paris: Éditions Denoël, 1998. Pp. 247. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin.

This copy features a wrap-around promotional band, as pictured.

Al otro lado del Canal | Cross Channel (Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 1997; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Al otro lado del Canal | Cross Channel. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 1997. Pp. 208. Translated by Carmen Francí and Juan Gabriel López Guix. ISBN: 8433908391. (Spanish).

The copy presented here is the second printing (May 1997): “Segunda edición: mayo 1997”

Po drugiej stronie La Manche | Cross Channel (Prószyński i S-ka, 2003; Polish)

Notes on this edition: Po drugiej stronie La Manche | Cross Channel. Warszawa: Prószyński i S-ka, 2003. Pp. 150. Translated by Magdalena Pietrzak-Merta. ISBN: 8373373047. (Polish).

Manş ötesi | Cross Channel (Ayrinti Yayinlari, 1999; Turkish)

Notes on this edition: Manş Ötesi | Cross Channel. Istanbul: Ayrinti Yayinlari, 1999. Pp. 175. Translated by Serdar Rifat Kıroğlu. (Turkish). 

Dover – Calais | Cross Channel (Haffmans, 1996; German)

Notes on this edition: Dover-Calais | Cross Channel. Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1997. Pp. 271 [1]. 19 cm Translated by Gertraude Krueger. ISBN: 3251003283. (German).

Oltremanica | Cross Channel (Einaudi, 1997; Italian)

Notes on this edition: Oltremanica | Cross ChannelTorino: Einaudi, 1997. Pp. 192. 23 cm. Translated by Susanna Basso. ISBN: 9788806141585. (Italian).



“Interference” | Knopf Short Story Sampler, Spring 1996

Notes on this edition: “Interference” by Julian Barnes. Knopf Short Story Sampler, Spring 1996.

This sampler includes a mock-up of the title page for Barnes’s short story collection Cross Channel. The story itself appears on pp. 5-26.

Other books included in this sampler:

  • The Stupefaction / Diane Williams
  • Cruising Paradise / Sam Shepard
  • Nightwork / Christine Schutt
  • Battling against Castro / Jim Shepard

Evermore (Penguin Books, 1996; artwork by Howard Hodgkin)

Notes on this edition: Evermore. London: Penguin Books, 1996. Pp. 42 [3] pages. 14 cm. ISBN: 9780140260410.

This small format paperback features the short story “Evermore” from Julian Barnes’s collection Cross Channel. Published at 75p in the UK and $1.99 in Canada.

Pictures by Howard Hodgkin included. Two deluxe, signed, limited editions of this story were published by the Palawan Press. One edition was limited to 50 copies and the other to 150 copies.

Cross Channel (Random House Canada, 1996)

Notes on this edition: First Canadian edition – Toronto: Random House of Canada, 1996. $27.95. 

The collation and general description of the Canadian edition is identical to the first American edition published by Alfred A. Knopf.

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