England, England (Vintage International, 2000)

Notes on this edition: England, England. New York: Vintage International, 2000. Pp. 275. 22 cm. ISBN: 0375705503.

Letters from London | Uncorrected Proof (Vintage International, 1995)

Notes on this edition: Letters from London. New York: Vintage International, 1995. Uncorrected Proof in light blue wraps with black lettering. (20.3 x 13.1 cm).

Tentative publication date set for July 26, 1995, with a tentative price of $13.00.

Talking It Over (Vintage International, 1992; U.S. Edition)

Notes on this edition: Talking It Over. New York: Vintage International, 1992. Pp. 275. 21 cm. ISBN: 9780679736875

The first U.S. paperback edition of Julian Barnes’s novel Talking It Over. A very similar edition was published by Vintage Books as the first Canadian paperback edition. While appearing nearly identical, the two editions feature different title pages, copyright pages, and there are subtle differences to the dust covers, including price and promotional blurbs.

This example is priced at $11.00. It features blurbs from U.S. publications to the back cover.

The Porcupine (Vintage International, 1993; Canadian Edition)

Notes on this edition: The Porcupine. Toronto: Vintage International, 1993. Pp.138. 21 cm. ISBN: 9780394223308 $12.50

Stated to copyright page: “FIRST VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, OCTOBER 1993”. This particular edition was published by Vintage Books, a division of Random House Canada. Blurb to front cover from the The Toronto Star.

The Sense of an Ending (Vintage Open-Market Edition, 2012)

Notes on this edition: The Sense of an Ending. Vintage International, 2012. Pp. 163. ISBN: 9780307951243. $7.99.

Copyright page states: “FIRST VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL OPEN-MARKET EDITION, | FEBRUARY 2012”. The format is smaller than the regular Vintage International paperback edition issued around the same time.

Love, etc. (Vintage International, 2002)

Notes on this edition: Love, etc. New York: Vintage International, 2002. Pp. 227. 21 cm. ISBN: 0375725881

First U.S. paperback edition issued by Vintage International. The title page reuses the “Love, etc.” graphics for the first U.S. hardback edition.

The Sense of an Ending | Movie Tie-In (Vintage International, 2017)

Notes on this edition: The Sense of an Ending. New York: Vintage International, 2017. ISBN: 9780525434665

Movie Tie-In edition in connection with the theatrical release of the film adaptation of Julian Barnes’s The Sense of an Ending. The copyright page states the publication date as May 2012, but the covers were updated as of 2017.

The film is directed by Ritesh Batra and written by Nick Payne. The film stars Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter, Emily Mortimer and Michelle Dockery.

The Sense of an Ending (Vintage International, 2012)

Notes on this edition: The Sense of an Ending. New York: Vintage International, 2012. Pp. 163. 21 cm. ISBN: 9780307947727.

Copyright page states the date of publication as “May 2012”. Cover painting by James Gillick. Author photograph by Alan Edwards.

The Lemon Table (Vintage International, 2005)

Notes on this edition: The Lemon Table. New York: Vintage International, 2005. Pp. 241. 21 cm. ISBN: 1400076501.

Copyright page states this is the “FIRST VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, May 2005”.

Short stories included in this volume include:

  • A Short History of Hairdressing
  • The Story of Mats Israelson
  • The Things You Know
  • Hygiene
  • The Revival
  • Vigilance
  • Bark
  • Knowing French
  • Appetite
  • The Fruit Cage
  • The Silence

Arthur & George (Vintage International, 2007)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. New York: Vintage International, 2007. Pp. 445. 21 cm. ISBN: 9781400097036.

First U.S. paperback edition. Copyright page lists date of publication as “January 2007”.