Niveles de vida | Levels of Life (Compactos Anagrama, 2017; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Niveles de vida | Levels of Life. Barcelona: Compactos Anagrama, 2017. 21 cm. Translated by Jaime Zulaika. ISBN: 9788433960023. (Spanish).

This example is the first Compact edition of Levels of Life, published in June 2017.

Hoogteverschillen | Levels of Life (Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, 2017; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Hoogteverschillen | Levels of Life. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, 2017. Pp. 127. 21 cm. Translated by Ronald Vlek. ISBN: 9789025441425. (Dutch).

This example is of the sixth printing in April 2017. The first edition was published in May 2013.

УРОВНИ ЖИЗНИ | Levels of Life (Eksmo, 2017; Russian)

Notes on this edition: УРОВНИ ЖИЗНИ | Levels of Life. Eksmo, 2017. Pp. 192. 10 x 14 cm. ISBN: 9785699970810. (Russian).

سطوح زندگی | Levels of Life (Melikan, 2015; Persian)

Notes on this edition: سطوح زندگی | Levels of Life. Tehran: Melikan, 2015. Pp. 80.  Translated by Shabnam Saadat. ISBN: 9786007845059. (Persian).

Sincere thanks to Mohammad Hekmat for providing a copy of the book and information concerning its publication.

Levels of Life | Uncorrected Proof (Alfred A. Knopf, 2013)

Notes on this edition: Levels of Life. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2013. Uncorrected Proof of the American edition bound in pale yellow paper cover with black lettering. Provisional publication date set for “26 September 2013” with a list price of $22.95.

Levels of Life (Vintage Canada, 2014)

Notes on this edition: Levels of Life. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2014. ISBN: 9780345813565

First Canadian paperback edition of Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life.