Do outro lado da mancha | Cross Channel (Rocco, 2001; Portuguese-Brazil)

Notes on this edition: Do outro lado da mancha | Cross Channel. Rio de Janeiro: Rocco, 2001. Pp. 162 + [2]. 21 x 14 cm. Translated by Roberto Grey. ISBN: 8532512690. (Portuguese-Brazil).

Over kanalen | Cross Channel (Tiderne Skifter, 1997; Danish)

Notes on this edition: Over kanalen | Cross Channel. Copenhagen: Tiderne Skifter, 1997. Pp. 211 + [1]. 22 x 14 cm. Translated by Henning Juul Madsen. ISBN: 8774457098. (Danish).

Över kanalen | Cross Channel (Forum, 1997; Swedish)

Notes on this edition: Över kanalen | Cross Channel. Stockholm: Forum, 1997. Pp. 218 + [4]. 21.8 x 14 cm. Translated by Leif Janzon. ISBN: 9137110020. (Swedish).

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Outre-Manche | Cross Channel (Le Grand Livre du Mois, 1998; French)

Notes on this edition: Outre-Manche | Cross Channel. Paris: Le Grand Livre du Mois, 1998. Pp. 247 + [9]. 21 x 14.5 cm. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. ISBN: 2702816746. (French).

French Book of the Month Club edition published by Denoël.

מעבר לתעלה | Cross Channel (Zmora-Bitan, 1997; Hebrew)

Notes on this edition: מעבר לתעלה | Cross Channel. Tel-Aviv: Zmora-Bitan, 1997. Pp. 213 + [3]. 20.8 x 13.4 cm. Translated by יאיר בורלא (Ya’ir Burla). (Hebrew).

Evermore | Blue Edition 1/50 (Palawan Press, 1996)

Notes on this edition: Evermore. London: Palawan Press, 1996.

Julian Barnes’s story “Everymore” was privately printed by Palawan Press in two limited editions. The most limited “Blue Edition” was limited to 50 copies. The “Standard Edition” was limited to 150 copies. Both editions feature text by Julian Barnes with prints by Howard Hodgkin.

The example presented here is the author’s personal copy “AP 3” [Artist Proof no. 3] from an artist’s proof set of 10.

The “blue edition” is described on the Palawan Press website as:

“Limited to 50 copies and signed by the writer and the artist. This edition comprises the etchings of the standard edition but in addition each page of the book is hand painted, and two individual prints, signed by the artist, are included. The bound book and the loose prints are enclosed in a sleeve and portfolio box in silver bookcloth.”

海峡を越えて | Cross Channel (白水社, 1998; Japanese)

Notes on this edition: 海峡を越えて | Cross Channel. Tokyo: 白水社 [Hakusuisha], 1998. Pp. 264 + [8]. 19 x 14. Translation by 中野康司 [Kōji Nakano]. ISBN: 4560046549. (Japanese).

По ту сторону Ла-Манша | Cross Channel (ACT, 2005; Russian)

Notes on this edition: По ту сторону Ла-Манша | Cross Channel. Moscow: ACT, 2005. Pp. 221 + [3]. 20.6 x 13.4 cm. Translated by И. Стам [I. Stam] and И. Гуровой (I. Gurova). ISBN: 5170287925. (Russian).

Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel (ASA Editores, 1999; Portuguese – Portugal)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel. Porto: ASA Editores, 1999. Pp. 156 [157] + [3]. 21.4 x 14 cm. Translated by Luísa Feijó and Maria João Delgado. ISBN: 9724120155. (Portuguese – Portugal).

Outre-Manche | Cross Channel (Denoël, 1998; French)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Outre-Manche | Cross Channel. Paris: Éditions Denoël, 1998. Pp. 247 + [9]. 20.5 x 13.9 cm. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. (French).

This copy features a wrap-around promotional band, as pictured.