Keeping an Eye Open (Random House Canada, 2015)

Notes on this edition: Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art. Toronto: Random House Canada, 2015. Pp. 278. ISBN: 9780345815170

The first Canadian edition of Julian Barnes’s Keeping an Eye Open appears nearly identical to the first American edition, except changes to the publisher information on the title page, copyright page, and jacket that identify this edition as a Random House Canada publication.

Pages are cream, not white, as evidenced by the contrast between page color and the publisher’s device on the title page.

Arthur & George | Uncorrected Proof (Random House Canada, 2005)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Toronto: Random House Canada, 2005. Uncorrected proof copy in cream paper wraps.

Cover states: “OCTOBER 2005 | $34.95 · CLOTH · 400 PAGES · 6¼ x 9¼ | 0-679-31417-2 · FICTION”

Arthur & George (Random House Canada, 2005)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Toronto: Random House Canada, 2005. Pp. 360. 25 cm. ISBN: 0679314172

First Canadian hardback edition with “deckled” fore edge.

Staring at the Sun (Random House, 1987; Canadian Paperback)

Notes on this edition: Staring at the Sun. Toronto: Random House, 1987. Pp. 197. ISBN: 0394220471

Second Canadian edition issued in paperback, as stated on the copyright page.

Cross Channel | Uncorrected Proof (Random House Canada, 1996)

Notes on this edition: The Random House Canada uncorrected proof of Julian Barnes’s Cross Channel appears nearly identical to the American uncorrected proof issued by Alfred A. Knopf. The text block is, in fact, identical, as the Canadian proof’s title page lists the publisher as “Alfred A. Knopf”. The two proof editions differ in their paper covers, however, with the Canadian proof listing the publisher as “Random House Canada”. Both proofs list the publication date as “25 March 1996”.

Love, etc. | Advanced Uncorrected Manuscript (Random House Canada, 2000)

Notes on this edition: Random House Canada produced this spiral bound copy of Love, etc. The cover is marked as an “Advanced Uncorrected Manuscript” of the novel, and the text is a copy of the author’s manuscript with his hand-marked revisions as submitted to the publisher. This copy is inscribed by Barnes: “Never seen this before! | from | Julian Barnes”