“Courbet: non è così, è cosà” in Courbet e la Natura (Fondazione Ferrara Arte, 2018; Italian)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “Courbet: non è così, è cosà.” Courbet e la Natura. Fondazione Ferrara Arte, 2018. Pp. 262 + [2]. 28 x 23 cm. (Italian).

Julian Barnes’s essay on Courbet appears on pp. 23-29. The essay first appeared in the Italian translation of Keeping an Eye Open (Einaudi).

“El Loro de Flaubert” | El mejor humor inglés (Anagrama, 2009; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “El Loro de Flaubert” in El mejor humor inglés. Edited by Jorge Herralde. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2009. Pp. 162 + [6]. 22 x 14 cm. ISBN: 8437009299562. (Spanish).

This collection publishes an excerpt from Julian Barnes’s novel Flaubert’s Parrot on pp. 77-92. Barnes’s excerpt is translated by Antonio Mauri.

Other authors included in the collection include: P. G. Wodehouse, Saki, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Sharpe, Roald Dahl, Alan Bennett, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Douglas Adams, and Nick Hornby.

“La montgolfière” | Les présents de l’écriture (Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015; French)

Notes on this edition: Les présents de l’écriture. Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015. Pp. 251 + [3]. 20.9 x 14.5 cm. ISBN: 9782874492457. (French).

On 24 March 2013, at the Passa Porta Festival in Brussels, Julian Barnes was interviewed by  Annelies Beck. A portion of their conversation was transcribed and translated into French for inclusion in this book under the title “La montgolfière” (Pp. 161-163).

“Three Simple Stories” (Scripsi, 1989)

Notes on this edition: Scripsi, vol. 5, no. 2, April 1989. Pp. 230 + [4]. 21 x 14.9 cm. ISSN: 9725-0096.

Julian Barnes’s “Three Simple Stories” appears on pp. 21-37. An essay on Julian Barnes by Rosemary Sorensen titled “Julian Barnes: Celebrating Disappointment” appears on pp. 94-103.


Kunst sehen (Edition 5Plus, 2018; German)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Kunst sehen. Edition 5Plus, 2018. Pp. 74 + [6]. 19.5 x 13.3 cm. Translated by Gertraude Krueger. (German).

This essay was published in Keeping an Eye Open and was published in this format in support of independent booksellers. This edition is stated to consist of 3,000 copies, but this example is unnumbered. Kunst sehen is the 9th volume in the series.

Der Rabe No. 28 (Haffsman, 1990; German)

Notes on this edition: 

Der Rabe: Magazin fur jede , No. 28, Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1990. Pp. 221 + [3]. 17.9 x 10.8 cm. ISBN: 3259100289.

Dan Kavanagh contributes “Billard um halb zwei,” an excerpt from his fourth novel Going to the Dogs. Pp. [174]-177. Translated by Willi Winkler.

Julian Barnes contributes “Schachspielen mit Arthur Koestler.” Pp. [178]-196. Translated by Leslie Giger.


Writers on World War II: An Anthology (Alfred A. Knopf, 1991)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “Staring at the Sun [excerpt].” Writers on World War II: An Anthology. Edited by Mordecai Richler. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991. 727 + [9]. 24 x 16 cm. ISBN: 0394572580.

Julian Barnes’s excerpt from Staring at the Sun appears on pp. 159-160.

The Wild Blue Yonder (Picador, 1997)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “Fear of Flying.” The Wild Blue Yonder: The Picador Book of Aviation. Edited by Graham Coster. London: Picador, 1997. Pp. 280. 22.2 x 14.1 cm. ISBN: 0330330292.

Julian Barnes’s contribution, an excerpt from his novel Staring at the Sun, appears on pp. [253]-255.

Lines on the Underground (Cassell, 1996)

Notes on this edition: Lines on the Underground: An Anthology for Bakerloo & Jubilee Line Travellers. Compiled by Dorothy Meade & Tatiana Wolff. London: Cassell, 1996. Pp. 31 + [1]. 17.7 x 11.2 cm. ISBN: 0304348619

Barnes’s contribution appears on page 14, an excerpt from his first novel Metroland.

Staring at the Sun (Marlies Louwes, 1997)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Staring at the Sun. Groningen: Marlies Louwes, 1997. Pp. [12]. 11.7 x 18.5 cm.

Limited, letterpress edition of the opening section of Julian Barnes’s novel Staring at the Sun. This pamphlet features artwork by Marlies Louwes. The colophon states: ‘Typeset in Bembo and Printed in 40 copies on Zerkall-Bütten.’ Text reprinted with the author’s permission. Yellow paper cover.