Rien à craindre | Nothing to Be Frightened of (Mercure de France, 2009; French)

Notes on this edition: Rien à craindre | Nothing to Be Frightened of. Mercure de France, 2009. Pp. 301. 21 cm. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. (French)

This is the first French edition published in January 2009, issued with wrap-around paper band. Later in 2009, the Gallimard Folio edition appeared (series no. 5070).

The Truth about Dogs (Bloomsbury, 2005)

Notes on this edition: London: Bloomsbury, 2005. £5.99. First published by Bloomsbury in hardback, this edition features a newly designed paper cover in blue-green. Originally published as Kriegels Kleine Hunde-Kunde by Volker Kriegel. Translated and with an introduction by Julian Barnes. 

Pedantul în bucătărie | The Pedant in the Kitchen (Editura Nemira, 2006; Romanian)

Notes on this edition: Pedantul în bucătărie | The Pedant in the Kitchen. Bucureşti: Editura Nemira, 2006. Pp. 185. 18 cm. Translated by Marina Radu. (Romanian)

The Romanian edition of Julian Barnes’s collection of cookery essays The Pedant in the Kitchen include the original illustrations by Joe Berger that first appeared in The Guardian alongside Barnes’s essays.

Also featured in the photographs is a promotional bookmark that was inserted into this copy of the book.

Café au Lait | Cross Channel (Editura Nemira, 2005; Romanian)

Notes on this edition: Café au Lait | Cross Channel. Bucureşti: Editura Nemira, 2005. Pp. 249. 18 cm. Translated by Moroiu Mihai. ISBN: 9789735697846. (Romanian)

Café au lait is the Roman translation of Julian Barnes’s short story collection Cross Channel. Story titles in this edition include: Ermitaj | Interferențe | Nod de cale ferată | Pepene galben | Experiment | Veșnic | Gnossienne | Dragoni | Brambilla | Tunel

Arthur & George (Vintage Canada, 2012)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2012. ISBN: 9780307363220.

In 2012, Random House Canada’s three paperback divisions (Anchor Canada, Vintage Canada, and Emblem Editions) joined efforts to publish a series of colorful paperback books. Julian Barnes’s Arthur & George was selected for the series and published in blue with text edges tinted blue to match, as pictured.

You may read more about the series and view images of books on display at “Random House of Canada Taps into Trend of Books Doubling as Decor” (Quill & Quire, 18 October 2012).

Papagalul lui Flaubert | Flaubert’s Parrot (Nemira Grup Editorial, 2006; Romania)

Notes on this edition: Papagalul lui Flaubert | Flaubert’s Parrot. Bucureşti: Nemira Grup Editorial, 2006. Pp. 256. Translated by Virgil Stanciu. ISBN: 973-569-845-5 (Romania).

An earlier Romanian edition was published by Editura Univers in 1997.

Talking It Over (Alfred A. Knopf, 1991; White Proof in Black Container)

Notes on this edition: In 1991, prior to publishing the hardback edition, Alfred A. Knopf issued a special, signed “proof” edition of Julian Barnes’s novel Talking It Over. The text is bound in white wraps with black text and is housed in a glossy, black, stiff paper slip case/container with the title and graphics printed in white.

Though booksellers routinely refer to this edtion as a “limited” or signed “uncorrected proof”, nowhere on the book or cover does it clearly state that the book is an uncorrected proof, nor is there a limitation statement. That said, this edition was clearly published prior to the Knopf hardback and used as a promotional item.

Not to be confused with the standard uncorrected proof printed in blue paper covers and sent to reviewers.

Le Port de la Magouille | Fiddle City (Gallimard, 1982; French)

Notes on this edition: Le Port de la Magouille | Fiddle City. [Paris]: Gallimard, 1982. Pp. 250 [1]. Translated by R. Fitzgerald. Série noire. (French).

La nuit est sale | Duffy (Gallimard, 1981; French)

Notes on this edition: La nuit est sale | Duffy. [Paris]: Gallimard, 1981. Pp. 217 [1]. Translated by F.M. Watkins. Série noire. (French).

The inscription in the photo has been slightly edited to remove the names to whom Julian Barnes inscribed the copy as well as the location and date of the inscription.

Bendeniz Duffy | Duffy (Ayrinti Yayinlari, 2000; Turkish)

Notes on this edition: Bendeniz Duffy | Duffy. Istanbul: Ayrıntı Yayinlari, 2000. Pp. 172. Translated by Serdar Rifat Kıroğlu. ISBN: 9789755392707. (Turkish).