England, England (Vintage Canada, 1999)

Notes on this edition: England, England. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 1999. ISBN: 9780679309970

Stated “First Canadian Edition” to the copyright page. The publication date for this edition is not clearly listed, though the “Cataloguing in Publication Data” suggests the year as 1999.

Love, etc. (Vintage Canada, 2002)

Notes on this edition: Love, etc. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2002. Pp. 227. 21 cm. ISBN: 0679311238

First Vintage Canada paperback edition. Appears identical to the first Vintage International edition, except for changes to publisher information, ISBN, etc.

Nothing to Be Frightened of (Vintage Canada, 2009)

Notes on this edition: Nothing to Be Frightened of. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2009. Pp. 250. 21 cm. ISBN: 9780307356994.

First Canadian paperback edition issued by Vintage Canada.

Levels of Life (Vintage Canada, 2014)

Notes on this edition: Levels of Life. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2014. ISBN: 9780345813565

First Canadian paperback edition of Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life.

Arthur & George (Vintage Canada, 2006)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2006. ISBN: 0679314180. First Canadian paperback edition.

Arthur & George (Vintage Canada, 2012)

Notes on this edition: Arthur & George. Toronto: Vintage Canada, 2012. ISBN: 9780307363220.

In 2012, Random House Canada’s three paperback divisions (Anchor Canada, Vintage Canada, and Emblem Editions) joined efforts to publish a series of colorful paperback books. Julian Barnes’s Arthur & George was selected for the series and published in blue with text edges tinted blue to match, as pictured.

You may read more about the series and view images of books on display at “Random House of Canada Taps into Trend of Books Doubling as Decor” (Quill & Quire, 18 October 2012).