Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel (ASA Editores, 1999; Portuguese – Portugal)

Notes on this edition: Do Outro Lado do Canal | Cross Channel. Porto: ASA Editores, 1999. Pp. 156 [1]. Translated by Luísa Feijó and Maria João Delgado. ISBN: 9724120155. (Portuguese – Portugal).

Inglaterra, Inglaterra | England, England (ASA Editores, 2000; Portuguese – Portugal)

Notes on this edition: Inglaterra, Inglaterra | England, England. Porto: ASA Editores, 2000. Pp. 259 [1]. Translated by José Luís Luna. ISBN: 9724123197. (Portuguese – Portugal).

Amor & etc | Love, etc (ASA Editores, 2002; Portuguese; 2nd edition)

Notes on this edition: Amor & etc | Love, etc. Portugal: ASA Editores , 2002. Pp. 189. Translated by Helena Cardoso. ISBN: 9789724130545 (Portuguese).

Copyright page lists this specimen as the second edition: “2a Edição” published in November 2002. The first edition was published by ASA in October 2002 with a different cover.