La mesa limón | The Lemon Table (Anagrama, 2005; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. La mesa limón | The Lemon Table. Barcelona: Anagrama, 2005. Pp. 234 + [6]. 22 x 14 cm. ISBN: 9788433970688. Translated by Jaime Zulaika. (Spanish).

Paper covers with French flaps. The first Anagram edition pictured above was published in April 2005, with the 2nd published in May and the 3rd edition in June. The example featured below is the 3rd edition, as indicated on the copyright page and the dark blue promotional band wrapped around the covers. Author photography by Jillian Edelstein.

Avant moi | Before She Met Me (Denoël / Gallimard Folio, 1993; French)

Notes on this edition: Avant moi | Before She Met Me. Paris: Denoël / Gallimard Folio, 1993. Pp. 283 [284] + [4]. 17.7 x 10.8 cm. Translated by Michel Courtois-Fourcy. ISBN: 2070388026. (French).

Title page lists the publisher as Denoël. The spine states the book is folio book no. 2505.

The printing below was published in 1999 and features a new photograph to the front cover.

Putting the Boot In (Penguin Books, 1987)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Putting the Boot In. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1987. Pp. 192. 17.8 x 10.8 cm. ISBN: 0140092048.

A later printing is featured below with cover illustration by Keith Richens. The later printing is not indicated on the copyright page, but rather suggested by the increased prices listed to the back cover. The first printing lists a U.K. price of £2.50, while the later printing lists a U.K. price of £2.99.

Vol a tous les étages | Fiddle City (Actes Sud, 1993; French)

Notes on this edition: Vol a tous les étages | Fiddle City. Arles: Actes Sud, 1993. Pp. 290 [291] + [5]. 19.1 x 10 cm. Translated by Philippe Loubat-Delranc. ISBN: 274270048x. (French).

French translation of Dan Kavanagh’s second crime novel Fiddle City. Bottom front cover states “Collection Polar Sud”.

The volume was published with a dark blue promotional band. The example pictured is from Julian Barnes’s personal collection.

Metroland (Haffmans Verlag, 1989; German; Paperback)

Notes on this edition: Metroland.  Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1989. Pp. 231 [232] + [8]. 18 x 10.8 cm. Translated by Gertraude Krueger. ISBN: 3251011286

Cover art by Volker Kriegel. Marked as “Haffmans-Taschenbuch 128”.

The copy pictured above has a bookseller’s inventory/price sticker on the lower back cover that was not present at the time of publication.

The copy below is the second printing, as indicated by the publisher’s slip inserted into the inside cover. The publisher’s slip is unique to this copy, as it is Julian Barnes’s personal copy.