Elizabeth Finch (Bolinda, 2022; Audiobook)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Elizabeth Finch. Bolinda Publishing, 2022. Read by Justin Avoth. (Audiobook).

Two audiobook versions are presented, both unabridged. The first is a 5-disc copy running 5 hours, 17 minutes (ISBN: 9781038601049). The second is “MP3 Ready” on 1 compact disc (ISBN: 9781038601056).

The Only Story (W. F. Howes, 2018; Audiobook)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. The Only Story. Leicester: W. F. Howes, 2018. Audiobook on 7 audio discs. Read by Guy Mott. Approximately 7 hours, 15 minutes. ISBN: 9781510098497.

Unabridged audiobook; “Whole Story Audiobooks.”

The Noise of Time (W. F. Howes, 2016; Audiobook)

Notes on this item: Julian Barnes. The Noise of Time. Leicester: W. F. Howes, 2016. Audiobook on 5 audio discs. Read by Daniel Philpot. Approximately 5 hours, 45 minutes. ISBN: 9781510025059.

Unabridged audiobook; “Whole Story Audiobooks.”

Nothing to Be Frightened of (BBC Audiobooks, 2009; Audiobook)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Nothing to Be Frightened of. Bath: BBC Audiobooks, 2009. 8 audio discs. (Audiobook).

Read by Julian Barnes, this audiobook runs 10 hours, 5 minutes.