Arthur & George | Poster (Jonathan Cape, 2005)

Notes on this item: Promotional poster for Julian Barnes’s Arthur & George. London: Jonathan Cape, 2005. Approximately 59.3 x 41.9 cm.

This poster is signed by Julian Barnes.

The Lemon Table | Poster (Jonathan Cape, 2004)

Notes on this item: Promotional poster for Julian Barnes’s The Lemon Table. London: Jonathan Cape, 2004. Approximately 84 x 59.5 cm.

Talking It Over | BT Phonecard (Picador, 1992)

Notes on this item: Julian Barnes. Talking It Over.  Picador, 1992. 8.5 x 5.4 cm.

BT Phonecard used as a promotional item for the Picador edition of Barnes’s Talking It Over.

Love, etc. | Promotional Material (Alfred A. Knopf, 2001)

Notes on this item: Folder from Alfred A. Knopf containing loose sheets of paper (promotional material) announcing Julian Barnes’s novel Love, etc. Letter accompanying the promotional material is dated January 2001.

El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time | Blank Notebook (Anagrama, 2016; Spanish)

Notes on this item: Julian Barnes. El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2016. 14 x 9 cm. (Spanish).

Blank notebook distributed by Anagrama as a promotional item related to the Spanish translation of The Noise of Time

Promotional Book Bag (Denoël, undated)

Notes on this item: Promotional book bag produced by Denoël, Julian Barnes’s French publisher. The bag features a large number of reproduced author signatures, including one by Barnes: “J.P. Barnes” (bottom center).

The bag is undated.

Les Grands Ecrivains Publics de l’Europe | Postcard (Editions Lagrange, undated)

Notes on this item: Postcard titled, “LES GRANDS ECRIVAINS PUBLICS DE L’EUROPE | no. 4: Julien Barnes.” Published by Editions Lagrange, Montpellier.

Pictures Julian Barnes standing by a motorbike in front of a “Public Writer” sign in Morocco. The photo was taken by Pat Kavanagh, and Barnes made it into a French postcard as a joke. Note that he spells his name as “Julien”, which is the French  spelling and that the publisher is “Lagrange” [la grange = barn], a name he later used in his Man Booker Prize winning novel The Sense of an Ending [Patrick Lagrange].

Barnes sent the postcard to Gil Moody, owner of Moody Books in Tennessee. To the back, Barnes has written:

21 June 99

Dear Gil Moody:
This is the best
I can do for you, I’m
afraid. Signed photos
are for film stars in my
view. And I can’t sign
any more books – I did
400 copies of England, England
when I was last at Knopf
HQ – perhaps they (Jonas
Karp) can let you have
some… Good luck with
the bookstore.
Julian Barnes

Gustave Flaubert – Ivan Turgenev: eine Freundschaft in Briefen | Blurb (Kein & Aber Records, 2000; German)

Notes on this item: Gustave Flaubert – Ivan Turgenev: eine Freundschaft in Briefen. Zürich: Kein & Aber Records, 2000. 2 compact discs. ISBN: 9783906547145. (German).

Julian Barnes is quoted in a blurb to the back of the CD sleeve. Read by Otto Sander and Bruno Ganz.

Through the Window | Promotional Flyer (Vintage, 2012)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Through the Window. New York: Vintage, 2012.  35.6 x 21.6 cm.

Promotional flyer for Julian Barnes’s collection of essays scheduled to be published on 20 November 2012.

Writers Putting a Full Stop to Torture. | Event Programme (Freedom from Torture, 2014)

Notes on this item: Event programme for “Writers Putting a Full Stop to Torture,” an event in support of Freedom from Torture, 20 November 2014. Stapled programme. 21 x 14.8 cm.

Julian Barnes headlined the event with a reading, but authors also auctioned various, unique items, such as being named in a future work by an author. Featured in the photos are the entries for Julian Barnes and Ian McEwan.