The Noise of Time | Poster (Vintage, 2017)

Notes on this item: Poster produced by Vintage in 2017 to promote Julian Barnes’s The Noise of Time. 42 x 29.7 cm.

“The Case of Inspector Campbell’s Red Hair” (British Council, 2008; Pamphlet)

Notes on this edition: “The Case of Inspector Campbell’s Red Hair” in Dialogo Abierto con Julian Barnes. British Council, 2008. 4 sheets folded to 8 pages and stapled. 21 x 14.8 cm.

Pamphlet for an event that took place on 6 February 2008 in Buenos Aires. The pamphlet features the essay “The Case of Inspector Campbell’s Red Hair” by Julian Barnes. The essay was first published in NW15: The Anthology of New Writing (Granta Books, 2007).

Promotional Placard | Arthur & George (Alfred A. Knopf, 2006)

Notes on this item: Promotional placard advertising Julian Barnes’s novel Arthur & George. 76 x 52 cm.

This large advertisement placard was intended to stand on display in a book store upon the publication of the novel by Alfred A. Knopf in 2006.

Arthur & George | Poster (Jonathan Cape, 2005)

Notes on this item: Promotional poster for Julian Barnes’s Arthur & George. London: Jonathan Cape, 2005. Approximately 59.3 x 41.9 cm.

This poster is signed by Julian Barnes.

The Lemon Table | Poster (Jonathan Cape, 2004)

Notes on this item: Promotional poster for Julian Barnes’s The Lemon Table. London: Jonathan Cape, 2004. Approximately 84 x 59.5 cm.

Talking It Over | BT Phonecard (Picador, 1992)

Notes on this item: Julian Barnes. Talking It Over.  Picador, 1992. 8.5 x 5.4 cm.

BT Phonecard used as a promotional item for the Picador edition of Barnes’s Talking It Over.

Death | Promotional Copy (Vintage Minis, 2017)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Death. London: Vintage Minis, 2017. Pp. 106 + [18]. 17.8 x 11 cm. ISBN: 9781784872601.

Julian Barnes has inscribed this copy to his bibliographer with the information that “this is one of 1000 pre-publication promotional copies” distributed several months prior to the official publication. Barnes also states the printing will be clearer in the final edition.

Pulse | Unbound Author’s Typescript, 2011

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Pulse, 2011. Unbound copy of the author’s typescript as presented to Jonathan Cape. This copy of the typescript was provided by the author’s publisher and contains corrections in the author’s hand.  [iv] + 229 sheets printed to one side only.

Love, etc. | Promotional Material (Alfred A. Knopf, 2001)

Notes on this item: Folder from Alfred A. Knopf containing loose sheets of paper (promotional material) announcing Julian Barnes’s novel Love, etc. Letter accompanying the promotional material is dated January 2001.

El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time | Blank Notebook (Anagrama, 2016; Spanish)

Notes on this item: Julian Barnes. El ruido del tiempo | The Noise of Time. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2016. 14 x 9 cm. (Spanish).

Blank notebook distributed by Anagrama as a promotional item related to the Spanish translation of The Noise of Time