Jonathan Cape Book Catalog: 1981-1982 (Jonathan Cape, c1981)

Notes on this edition: Jonathan Cape Book Catalog: August 1981—February 1982. Jonathan Cape, [1981]. Pp. 56. 21 x 14.5 cm.

Jonathan Cape published promotional book catalogs for forthcoming publications. In the “Autumn & Winter Books” catalog, the publisher features Dan Kavanagh’s novel Fiddle City on page 9.

Posy Simmonds illustrated the catalog cover.

Fiddle City (Triad Granada, 1983)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Fiddle City. Triad Granada, 1983. Pp. 173 + [3]. 17.8 x 11.2 cm. ISBN: 0586055975.

Schieber-City | Fiddle City (Rowohlt, 2001; German)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Schieber-City | Fiddle City. Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 2001. Pp. 219 [220] + [4]. 19 x 11.5 cm. Translated by Michael Bodmer. ISBN: 3499221314. (German).

Heisse Fracht | Fiddle City (Kampa, 2021; German)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Heisse Fracht | Fiddle City. Kampa, 2021. Pp. 252 + [4]. 19 x 12 cm. Translated by Michel Bodmer. ISBN: 9783311125396. (German).

Promotional pamphlet titled “Kampa Krimi” that includes information on Dan Kavanagh’s Heisse Fracht. The pamphlet is comprised of seven sheets folded in half to make 28 total pages. 16.6 x 9.1 cm. The advertisement for Heisee Fracht appears on pp. [17].

Fiddle City (Penguin Books, 1988)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Fiddle City. Penguin Books, 1988. Pp. 173 + [3]. 18 x 11 cm. ISBN: 0140096426 / 9780140096422.

Schieber City | Fiddle City (Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1995; German)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Schieber City | Fiddle City. Münich: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1995. Pp. 213 [214] + [2]. 17.9 x 11.3 cm. ISBN: 3453089456. Translated by Michel Bodmer. (German).

Fiddle City | Uncorrected Proof (Jonathan Cape, 1981; Author’s Copy)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Fiddle City. London: Jonathan Cape, 1981. Pp. 173 + [3]. 19.2 x 13.9 cm.

This uncorrected proof is from Julian Barnes’s personal collection. Printed by “Rowland Phototypesetting”, these galley proofs are printed on one side of each sheet, two pages per page, landscape format.

Packaged in an envelope along with the author’s uncorrected page proofs for Dan Kavanagh’s Putting the Boot In.

Die Duffy-Krimis | Omnibus Edition (Haffmans, 1995; German)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Die Duffy-Krimis. Zürich: Haffmans, 1995. Pp. 712 [713] + [7]. 21.5 x 13.1 cm. ISBN: 3251002821. (German).

German omnibus edition of Julian Barnes’s pseudonymous crime novels written as Dan Kavanagh. The novels included are:

Duffy — translated by Willi Winkler
Schieber-City — translated by Michael Bodmer (Note: The first German publication lists the translator as Michel Bodmer)
Abblocken — translated by Verena Schröder
Vor die Hunde gehen — translated by Willi Winkler

Duffy sau Praf în ochi | Fiddle City (Nemira, 2005; Romanian)

Notes on this edition: Duffy sau Praf în ochi | Fiddle City. Bucharest: Nemira, 2005. Pp. 205 [206] + [2]. 17.7 x 10.4 cm. Translated by Gabriel Stoian. ISBN: 9735697351. (Romanian).

Fiddle City (Orion Books, 2014)

Notes on this edition: Dan Kavanagh. Fiddle City. London: Orion Books, 2014. Pp. 194 + [8]. 22.2 x 14 cm. ISBN: 9781409150206.

Orion Books republished all four Dan Kavanagh novels in hardback and paperback. This is the Orion hardback edition of the second Kavanagh novel Fiddle City, originally published by Jonathan Cape (1981).