“До того, как мы встретились” (Всемирная литература, 2/2003; Russian)

Notes on this publication: Two Julian Barnes related pieces appear in the journal Всемирная литература, no. 2, 2003. Pp. 191 [192]. 25.5 x 14 cm. (Russian).

The first is an excerpt of Before She Met Me titled “До того, как мы встретились”, Pp. [128]-156.

The second is an interview with Julian Barnes titled “Pоман — зто живая материя …”, Pp. [124]-127.

“Myliłem się co do Forstera” (Literatura na Świecie, 2018; Polish)

Notes about this publication: Julian Barnes. “Myliłem się co do Forstera” | “I Was Wrong about E.M. Forster.” Literatura na Świecie, no, 11/12, 2018. Pp. 417 + [5]. 21 x 16.1 cm. Translated by Barbara Kopeć-Umiastowska. ISSN: 0324-8305. (Polish).

Julian Barnes’s essay appears on Pp. 358-363.

Ligesom Livet by Lorrie Moore (Tiderne Skifter, 2016; Danish; Foreword)

Notes on this edition: Lorrie Moore. Ligesom Livet | Like Life. Tiderne Skifter, 2016. Pp. 269 + [3]. 23 x 15.8 cm. Translated by Claus Bech and Pia Juul. ISBN: . (Danish).

Foreword by Julian Barnes appears on Pp. 7-10. The piece was written specifically for this translated volume.

Eine kleine Bosheit zwischendurch (Insel Verlag, 2019; German)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “.” An excerpt from The Lemon Table published in Eine kleine Bosheit zwischendurch. Edited by Clara Paul. Insel Verlag, 2019. Pp. 292 + [4]. 19 x 11.8 cm. [Translated by Gertraude Krueger.] ISBN: 9783458363958. (German).

Insel Taschenbuch #4695.

“Das Nötige Talent: Berthe Morisot” (Sinn und Form, March/April 2020)

Notes on this publication: Julian Barnes. “Das Nötige Talent: Berthe Morisot.” Sinn und Form, March/April 2020. Pp. 288. 23.8 x 16.3 cm. Translated by Gertraude Krueger. ISBN: 9783943297522. ISSN: 0037-5756.

Barnes’s essay appears on pp. [194]-203. Translation of the essay “The Necessary Talent” first published in the London Review of Books, Vol. 41 No. 17, 12 September 2019.

Schwarzrock by Brian Moore (Diogenes, 2020; German)

Notes on this edition: “Brian Moore. Schwarzrock by Brian Moore. Diogenes, 2020. Pp. 285 + [1]. 18.8 x. 12.2 cm. Translated by Otto Bayer. ISBN: 9783257071450. (German).

“Nachwort” by Julian Barnes appears on pp. 279 + [286].

“Nawoord” | Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner (Uitgeverij Orlando, 2021; Dutch)

Notes on this edition: Anita Brookner. Hotel du Lac. Uitgeverij Orlando, 2021. 215 + [1]. 20.7 x 13.1 cm. Translated by Eva Wolff. ISBN: 9789083104348. (Dutch).

Julian Barnes provides the “Nawoord” [“Epilogue”] on pp. 207-[216]. The piece was originally published in The Guardian on 18 March 2016, as “Julian Barnes Remembers His Friend Anita Brookner.”

“Courbet: non è così, è cosà” in Courbet e la Natura (Fondazione Ferrara Arte, 2018; Italian)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “Courbet: non è così, è cosà.” Courbet e la Natura. Fondazione Ferrara Arte, 2018. Pp. 262 + [2]. 28 x 23 cm. (Italian).

Julian Barnes’s essay on Courbet appears on pp. 23-29. The essay first appeared in the Italian translation of Keeping an Eye Open (Einaudi).

“El Loro de Flaubert” | El mejor humor inglés (Anagrama, 2009; Spanish)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “El Loro de Flaubert” in El mejor humor inglés. Edited by Jorge Herralde. Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2009. Pp. 162 + [6]. 22 x 14 cm. ISBN: 8437009299562. (Spanish).

This collection publishes an excerpt from Julian Barnes’s novel Flaubert’s Parrot on pp. 77-92. Barnes’s excerpt is translated by Antonio Mauri.

Other authors included in the collection include: P. G. Wodehouse, Saki, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Sharpe, Roald Dahl, Alan Bennett, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Douglas Adams, and Nick Hornby.

“La montgolfière” | Les présents de l’écriture (Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015; French)

Notes on this edition: Les présents de l’écriture. Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015. Pp. 251 + [3]. 20.9 x 14.5 cm. ISBN: 9782874492457. (French).

On 24 March 2013, at the Passa Porta Festival in Brussels, Julian Barnes was interviewed by  Annelies Beck. A portion of their conversation was transcribed and translated into French for inclusion in this book under the title “La montgolfière” (Pp. 161-163).