Evermore (Penguin, 1996; Corrected Page Proofs)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Evermore. Penguin, 1996. 26 sheets stapled to two (2) blue covers. 21 x 29.8 cm. Pictures by Howard Hodgkin not included in the page proofs.

Two sets of page proofs, one featuring corrections by Julian Barnes, for the Penguin edition published the same year (1996).

Dans la loge, pas dans une boîte ! (Éditions La Pionnière, 2020; French | Limited Edition of 15)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Dans la loge, pas dans une boîte ! Éditions La Pionnière, 2020. Pp. 26 + [6]. 25 x 14.5 cm. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. (French).

This excerpt from Keeping an Eye Open was published as a pamphlet in a limited edition of 585 copies and an additional limited edition of XV numbered with Roman numerals.

The copy photographed above is numbered “I” and is signed on the limitation page. It is also inscribed on the title page.

Each copy has 9 inset color images throughout (one pictured above). The edition of XV was printed on larger pages that were uncut when bound. This edition is also placed in a slipcase, as pictured.

Dans la loge, pas dans une boîte ! (Éditions La Pionnière, 2020; French)

Note about this edition: Julian Barnes. Dans la loge, pas dans une boîte ! Éditions La Pionnière, 2020. Pp. 26 + [6]. 18.1 x 11.7 cm. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. ISBN: 9782902233045. (French).

This excerpt from Keeping an Eye Open was published as a pamphlet in a limited edition of 585 copies. The copy photographed above is numbered “62” and is unsigned. Also included is a photo from a different copy numbered “1” and signed by Julian Barnes.

Each copy has 9 inset color images throughout (one pictured above).

Simultaneously published with another, more limited edition of XV copies signed by the author.

Staring at the Sun | Dust Jacket Slide (Alfred A. Knopf, 1987)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Staring at the Sun | Dust Jacket Slide Alfred A. Knopf, 1987.

This ephemeral slide depicts the dust jacket art work for  the Alfred A. Knopf edition of Julian Barnes’s novel Starting at the Sun. Julian Barnes sent the slide to Rolland Comstock, noted book collector who specialized in contemporary authors. Barnes has inscribed the paper enclosing the slide and included a note dated 10 May 1996 to Comstock that reads:

“Dear Rolland:
Turning out my study I came across
this Knopf transparency for the SAS cover.
I bet you haven’t got it. I shall be dismayed
if you have. This is to assuage the guilt
I still feel at only being able to sign 48%
of your suitcase.
Hope one of your children is getting
interested in books.
Best wishes,
Julian B.”

The Man in the Red Coat (Jonathan Cape, 2019)

Notes on this edition: This first edition, true first printing of Julian Barnes’s The Man in the Red Coat features a publication error later corrected in a subsequent first edition printing. The photo of Oscar Wilde on page [33] is captioned: “Oscar Wilde as Salomé”. The title page also indicates the first printing was “Printed and bound in China by C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd”.

The image of Wilde was changed and newly captioned: “Wilde as a Greek”. In all other respects, the edition is identical, except the copyright page now indicates the book was, “Printed and bound in Italy by L.E.G.O. S.p.A.” (see additional images below). The corrected volume does not indicate a second printing.

The images above for the first edition, true first printing also show two versions of the back of the dust jacket. One shows the ISBN barcode as printed, while another image shows a replacement sticker that was used on “Signed” copies, as indicated by a sticker on the front of the jacket, also pictured above.

Descriptive Bibliography: First edition – London: Jonathan Cape, 2019. £18.99. 

 Title Page: The Man in the Red Coat | JULIAN BARNES | [Jonathan Cape device] | JONATHAN CAPE | LONDON

Copyright Page: 1 3 5 7 9 20 8 6 4 2 | Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Vintage Publishing, | 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, | London SW1V 2SA | Jonathan Cape is part of the Penguin Random House group of companies | whose addresses can be found at global.penguinrandomhouse.com. | [Penguin Random House UK device] | Copyright © Julian Barnes 2019 | Julian Barnes has asserted his right to be identified as the author of this | Work in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 | First published by Jonathan Cape in 2019 | penguin.co.uk/vintage | A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library | ISBN 9781787332164 | Typeset 11/16.033 pt Dante MT | by Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd, Pondicherry | Colour reproduction by Altaimage Ltd | Printed and bound in China by C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd

Collation: 21.0 x 16.4 cm. Pp. [i-vi] 1-4 [5] 6-12 [13] 14-23 [24] 25-31 [32-33] 34-54 [55] 56-57 [58] 59-61 [62] 63-69 [70] 71-101 [102] 103-108 [109] 110-116 [117] 118-119 [120] 121-122 [123] 124-125 [126] 127-135 [136] 137-150 [151] 152-155 [156] 157-169 [170] 171-174 [175] 176-206 [207] 208-213 [214] 215-262 [263-264] 265 [266-274]. [i]: ‘The Man in the Red Coat’. [ii]: ‘Also by Julian Barnes | FICTION | Metroland | Before She Met Me | Flaubert’s Parrot | Staring at the Sun | A History of the World in 10½ Chapters | Talking it Over | The Porcupine | Cross Channel | England, England | Love, etc | The Lemon Table | Arthur & George | Pulse | The Sense of an Ending | The Noise of Time | The Only Story | NON-FICTION | Letters from London 1990–1995 | Something to Declare | The Pedant in the Kitchen | Nothing to Be Frightened Of | Through the Window | Levels of Life | Keeping an Eye Open | TRANSLATION | In the Land of Pain | by Alphonse Daudet’. [iii]: title page. [iv]: copyright page. [v]: ‘to Rachel’. [vi]: blank. 1-4: text. [5]: [image: ‘Dr Pozzi at Home, John Singer Sargent (1881)’]. 6-12: text. [13]: [image: ‘Count Robert de Montesquiou, Giovanni Boldini (1897)’]. 14-23: text. [24]: [image: ‘Sarah Bernhardt by Nadar (c. 1864)’.] 25-31: text. [32]: [image: ‘Montesquiou as the Head of John the Baptst’.] [33]: [image: ‘Oscar Wilde as Salomé’.] 34-54: text. [55]: [image: ‘Pozzi: ‘disgustingly handsome’, according to Alice, Princesse de Monaco’.] 56-57: text. [58]: [image: ‘Montesquiou and Yturri in oriental costume’.] 59-61: text. [62]: [image: ‘Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly, Charles Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran (1860)’.] 63-69: text. [70]: [image: ‘Jean Lorrain, Anotonio de la Gandara (1898)’.] 71-101: text. [102]: [image: ‘L’Apparition, Gustave Moreau (1876)’.] 103-108: text. [109]: [image: ‘Madame X, John Singer Sargent (1884)’.] 110-116: text. [117]: [image: ‘Carolus-Duran, John Singer Sargent (1879)’.] 118-119: text. [120]: [image: ‘Arrangement in Black and Gold, James McNeill Whistler (1891-92)’.] 121-122: text. [123]: [image: ‘Le Cercle de la rue Royale (detail), James Tissot (1868)’.] 124-125: text. [126]: [image: ‘Self-portrait, Winnaretta Singer (1885)’.] 127-135: text. [136]: [image: ‘Léon Delafosse, John Singer Sargent (1895-98)’.] 137-150: text. [151]: [image: ‘The Sedelmayer Family (detail), Franz Rumpler (1879) – Emma is on the right’.] 152-155: text. [156]: [top image: ‘A ward at the Broca Hospital, with frescoed walls’; bottom image: ‘Health Restored to the Sick, Georges Clairin’.] 157-169: text. [170]: [image: ‘Catherine Pozzi at eighteen’.] 171-174: text. [175]: [image: ‘Pozzi among his treasures’.] 176-206: text. [207]: [image: ‘Louis-François Bertin, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1832)’.] 208-213: text. [214]: [image: ‘Pozzi by Léon Bonnat (1910)’.] 215-262: text. [263]: text. [264]: blank. 265-[266]: text [‘Author’s Note’]. [267-268]: text [‘Illustration Credits’]. [269]: text [‘Acknowledgements’]. [270-274]: blank. 

General description: Binding 21.6 x 17.1 cm. Red cloth boards stamped in silver lettering to the spine. Pictorial endpapers with photographs of luminaries. Cover design by Suzanne Dean. Back flap of the dust jacket features an author photograph by Urszula Soltys.

Keeping an Eye Open (Jonathan Cape, 2020; Updated Edition)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art. Jonathan Cape, 2020. Pp. 375 + [1]. 22.8 x 15.3 cm. ISBN: 9781787332898.

This updated edition includes seven new essays not present in the first edition (2015).

England, England | Promotional Puzzle (Jonathan Cape, 1998)

Notes on this item: England, England Promotional Puzzle. Jonathan Cape, 1998.

Jonathan Cape created this puzzle to promote Julian Barnes’s novel England, England. The four puzzle pieces feature dust jacket art on one side and promotional text on the reverse. The number of puzzles produced is currently unknown.

Barnes mailed the puzzle to Rolland Comstock, a well-known book collector who specialized in contemporary British authors, including Barnes, Martin Amis, Jim Crace, and others. Comstock was known to travel great distances  to attend author readings and would regularly arrive with a suitcase full of books to be signed. The note enclosed with the promotional puzzle is dated 19 July 1999, and states:

Dear Rolland,
I remember promising you this a couple of months ago. Hope you can solve it! Nice seeing you in D.C.
Best wishes,

“The Bitter Lemon Days” | Another Round at the Pillars (Cargo Press, 1999)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. “The Bitter Lemon Days.” Another Round at the Pillars: Essays, Poems & Reflections on Ian Hamilton. Edited by David Harsent. Cornwall: Cargo Press, 1999. Pp. 151 + [5]. 24 x 15.3 cm. ISBN: 1899980067.

From the jacket: “For his sixtieth birthday friends of the distinguished poet, critic and biographer Ian Hamilton, have gathered to offer an international festschrift to honour his writings and the remarkable influence he has exerted on his generation.”

Julian Barnes’s essay appears on pp. 15-21. It was also published in The Guardian (17 April 1999). Other authors contributing to the collection include:

Blake Morrison
A Alvarez
Andrew Motion
Harold Pinter
Peter Dale
Hugo Williams
Douglas Dunn
Karl Miller
Alan Jenkins
David Harsent
Christopher Reid
Ian McEwan
Craig Raine
Dan Jacobson
Simon Gray
Peter Porter
Michael Hofmann
John Fuller
Charles Osborne
Michael Fried
Clive James
Colin Falck

Arthur & George | Poster (Jonathan Cape, 2005)

Notes on this item: Promotional poster for Julian Barnes’s Arthur & George. London: Jonathan Cape, 2005. Approximately 59.3 x 41.9 cm.

This poster is signed by Julian Barnes.

Death | Promotional Copy (Vintage Minis, 2017)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Death. London: Vintage Minis, 2017. Pp. 106 + [18]. 17.8 x 11 cm. ISBN: 9781784872601.

Julian Barnes has inscribed this copy to his bibliographer with the information that “this is one of 1000 pre-publication promotional copies” distributed several months prior to the official publication. Barnes also states the printing will be clearer in the final edition.