Levels of Life (London Review Bookshop, 2013; Limited Edition Quarter Leather)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Levels of Life. London: London Review Bookshop, 2013. Limited Edition Quarter Leather. The book itself measures 20.6 x 14.0 cm. The slipcase measures 21.3 x 14.4 cm.

In 2013, the London Review Bookshop issued a limited edition of Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life. One version was quarter-bound in leather (35 copies), another was full leather (15 copies), and a special hors série edition identical to the full leather version was produced for the author and select recipients (unstated on the limitation page, but limited to 3 copies).

The limitation page of all editions is identical, excepting the numbering:

A special signed limited first edition of
Levels of Life
of which thirty-five copies have been
quarter-bound in Harmatan fine leather
numbered 1 to 35 and fifteen copies
full-bound in the same leather
numbered I to XV.

The bindings have been designed by
Andrew Stilwell and Patrick Roe and produced
by The Fine Book Bindery, Finedon, Northants.

This is number
[# in red followed by Julian Barnes’s signature in black ink]

Note: The limitation page of this example has been digitally altered to remove the personalized inscription from Julian Barnes to the edition’s owner.