The Noise of Time (London Review Bookshop, 2016; Limited Edition Quarter Leather)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes’s novel The Noise of Time was published in 2016, concurrently with the London Review Bookshop’s limited edition. The edition featured here is comprised of 75 copies signed by the author.

The book itself measures 20.6 x 13.7 cm. The slipcase measures 21.3 x 14.2 cm.

From the limitation page:

A special signed limited First Edition of
The Noise of Time
printed on Longan Book Wove 150gsm paper.
Numbers 1 to 75 have been quarter-bound
in Harmatan Yellow 30 Goatskin
with Atlantic Cloth sides and contain one
facsimile page from the author’s notebook.
25 copies (i to xxv), plus three hors de commerce,
have been fully bound in the same leather
and contain a portfolio of six facsimile pages
of early draft passages and notebook entries.

The edition featured here is numbered “11” and is signed by Julian Barnes to the limitation page. The facsimile page is contained in a paper folder with the following letterpressed to the front:

Draft of section when the opening
episode returns as a memory in the
second part of the novel.