Foot: les 100 photos (EPA, 2002; French)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. ‘[Untitled].” Foot: les 100 photos. Paris: EPA, 2002. Pp. 223 + [1]. 34.7 x 24.6 cm. ISBN: 2851205811. (French).

Edited by Benoît Heimermann avec la collaboration de Céline Ruissel.

Julian Barnes contributes a short piece on a photograph of footballer George Best.

The Bedside Guardian, 2016 (Guardian Books, 2016)

Notes on this edition: The Bedside Guardian, 2016. Edited by Claire Armitstead. London: Guardian Books, 2016. Pp. 302. 20.3 x 13.3 cm. ISBN: 9781783561247.

Julian Barnes’s essay “So we’re all Foxes now? I’ve been one for 65 years” about the Leicester City Football Club was published on pp. 177-181. Barnes’s essay was originally published in The Guardian on 6 May 2016.