Letters from London | Uncorrected Proof (Picador, 1995)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Letters from London 1990-1995. London: Picador, 1995. Pp. 344. 20.5 x 14.2 cm.

Uncorrected Proof in white card wraps with black lettering. Author photo on front by Jillian Edelstein.  ‘UNCORRECTED BOOK PROOF’ in black near bottom of back cover. 

The first state of this proof lists the provisional publication date as ’21 April 1995′, but a later state carries a corrective sticker listing the publication date as ‘7 April’.

The Only Story | Uncorrected Proof (Jonathan Cape, 2018)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. The Only Story. London: Jonathan Cape, 2018. Pp. 213 + [3]. 21.5 x 13.4 cm.

Uncorrected Proof distributed in 2017 in advance anticipation of the publication of The Only Story by Jonathan Cape. Publication date stated as ’01 February 2018′ at a price of £14.99.

Talking It Over | Uncorrected Proof (Jonathan Cape, 1991)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. Talking It Over. London: Jonathan Cape, 1991. Pp. 273 + [1]. 21.6 x 13.7 cm.

Uncorrected Proof in stiff white card wrappers reproducing dust jacket illustration in black and white. Lettered in black, except for ‘UNCORRECTED PROOF’ in white along bottom of front cover. Issued with proof jacket that states ‘PROOF ONLY’ and provides provisional publication date of ’11 July 1991′ on back flap. This provisional date is also listed to the back cover of the proof along with a provisional price of £13.99.

İngiltere İngiltere’ye karşı | England, England (Ayrıntı, 2003; Turkish)

Notes on this edition: Julian Barnes. İngiltere İngiltere’ye karşı | England, EnglandIstanbul: Ayrinti Yayinlari, 2003. Pp. 286 + [2]. 19.4 x 12.9 cm. Translated by Serdar Rıfat Kırkoğlu. ISBN: 9789755393018. (Turkish).

Letters from London (Vintage Canada, 1995)

Notes on this edition: First Canadian edition – Toronto: Vintage Canada, 1995. $16.95.

Descriptive Bibliography:

Title Page: JULIAN BARNES | Letters | from | London | [Vintage Canada ‘sun’ device] | Vintage Canada | A Division of Random House of Canada

Copyright Page: Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 by Julian Barnes | All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. | Published in Canada by Vintage Canada, | a division of Random House of Canada, Limited, Toronto, | and simultaneously in the United States by Vintage Books, | a division of Random House, Inc., New York. | All of the material in this work was originally published | in The New Yorker, in slightly different form. | Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following for permission | to reprint previously published material: | EMI Music Publishing: Excerpt from “Taxman,” words and music by George Harrison, | copyright © 1966 by Northern Songs. All rights controlled and administered by EMI | Blackwood Music Inc., under license from ATV Music (BMI). All rights reserved. | International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission of EMI Music Publishing. | Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.: Excerpt from “Bridge for the Living” from Collected Poems | by Philip Larkin, copyright © 1988, 1989 by the Estate of Philip Larkin; excerpts from | Mrs. Thatcher’s Minister by Alan Clark, copyright © 1993 by Alan Clark. Reprinted by | permission of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc. HarperCollins Publishers: Selected excerpts | from The Downing Street Years by Margaret Thatcher. Copyright © 1993 by Margaret | Thatcher. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. | Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data | Barnes, Julian. | Letters from London | ISBN 0-394-22453-1 | 1. Great Britain—Politics and government—1979—   —Humor. | 2. Great Britain—Humor. I. Title. | PR6052.A6657L47  1995   824’.914  C95-930226-3 | BOOK DESIGN BY CATHRYN S. AISON | Manufactured in the United States of America | 10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2 1

Collation: 19.9 x 12.9 cm. Pp. [i-vi] vii-xv [xvi, 1-2] 3-320. [i]: ‘JULIAN BARNES | Letters from London | Julian Barnes was born in Leicester, England, in | 1946, was educated at Oxford University, and now | lives in London. He is the author of seven novels— | Metroland, Before She Met Me, Flaubert’s Parrot, Star- | ing at the Sun, A History of the World in 10½ Chapters, I Talking It Over, and The Porcupine.’. [ii]: ‘Books by JULIAN BARNES | Metroland | Before She Met Me | Flaubert’s Parrot | Staring at the Sun | A History of the World in 10½ Chapters | Talking It Over | The Porcupine’. [iii]: title page. [iv]: copyright page. [v]: ‘to Jay and Helen’. [vi]: blank. vii-viii: contents. ix-xv: preface. [xvi]: blank. [1]: ‘Letters from London’. [2]: blank. 3-311: text. [312]: blank. 313-320: index.

General description: Binding 19.9 x 12.9 cm. As in A13(b), but with blurbs on lower panel from Jay McInerney, The Toronto Star, and The New York Review of Books.